Graceful Reviews

I care immensely about what I eat and rarely have time to cook (okay, let’s be honest: I don’t even know the difference between a stove and an oven). With Gracefully Fed, I’m not only getting the best ingredients but also the tastiest! From the soups (I LOVE a good soup) to the meals I am obsessed. Thanks for making family mealtime an easy success!
— Teddi Mellencamp, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Traci’s food is not only delicious, but makes me feel good as well.  Everything they make is super fresh and makes me feel healthy and energized.  I could not imagine eating any other meals than what I order from them.  The menu always sounds delicious and I’m never disappointed.
— Lily Blavin
Love Gracefully Fed. Traci has changed my way of eating to really preferring such flavorful and healthy eating. Have been a constant customer -trying to always have it on hand.
— Patricia Hill (Camera Operator for such shows as MASH, FRASIER, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE)
It doesn’t get any better than fresh ingredients, healthy options and perfect portions!  I am so thankful that I was recently introduced to Gracefully Fed soups and meals.  Traci’s food has become a staple in my home, with the entire family enjoying her meals.  The ease of having nutritious food always on hand is wonderful for our busy household.  Besides the health benefits of these soups, the flavor is unmatched and always amazes me!  The biggest testament to Gracefully Fed is that I have made the multiple hour car ride to Los Angeles, just for these soups and plan on doing so again, very soon!
— Marcy Eliassen, Santa Barbara, CA
Gracefully Fed is an absolute game-changer! I have tried numerous other meal-delivery services, and was always disappointed by the quality and flavor. This is definitely not the case with Gracefully Fed! I had the pasta chicken sausage and leek as well as the tomato basil. From the actual quality and flavor its clear that these meals are extremely high quality! 

I’m not a big soup fan and I haven’t been able to eat pasta in the past 10 years without getting extremely bloated. The soup was amazing and my bloating is now a thing of the past thanks to gracefully Fed! 

I’m a customer for life!
— Brian Pinkow, Huntington NY
I’ve been getting Traci’s soups since July. I LOVE all of them. They are healthy & so tasty!
Traci goes above and beyond to ship them to me in Northern California. I think it would be very hard for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle without Traci’s soups.

Star Rating: ★★★★★
— Caerry Robinson

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