Fall is upon us at Gracefully Fed!

The first day of Fall AND the first rainfall came to Los Angeles all in the same week – it’s almost too much to handle for sweater weather lovers. And what’s better than sweater weather? Cozying up with a big bowl of warm, nourishing soup!! Am I right? Unless you add in some Netflix, a nice book, or some great company.  At the core though...always soup.

To celebrate the beginning of Fall, we’ve been working hard at Gracefully Fed on creating wholesome, satisfying soups to add to our menu!


Chicken Lemon Brown Rice

Just like your mom's Chicken Soup, but way better. Shhhh don't tell her we said that! Enjoy our comforting classic mixed up with brown rice and a twist of vibrant lemon.


Tuscan Kale & White Bean

This rustic, Tuscan-style soup is the perfect Fall dinner. Featuring Kale and white beans, this hearty soup is full of Italian flavor!


French Onion

Hearty, elegant, and a classic favorite - French Onion soup! Bet you didn't know you could have it Vegan, did you? We've remade the classic savory broth with caramelized onions to better fit a healthier lifestyle. Top with your own melted cheese, vegan cheese, or simply gluten free croutons -It's all delicious!


What should our next new Fall soup be? We love to cook with fresh, Organic ingredients sourced from all around California farms. Since the seasons are changing, so are the vegetables! Among some of the most readily available and scrumptious fall vegetables are Pumpkins, Zucchini, and Potatoes. What’s it going to be? Pumpkin Soup, Zucchini Soup, or Potato Soup? Share your thoughts with us in a comment below!