It's the end of Summer but Watermelon is still in season and if we are being perfectly honest with our opinions, it's also still beach weather.  Let's not crazy and stop buying fresh watermelon! Point is, if you are heading to the beach and need a quick snack, here's my favorite way to spruce up your standard watermelon.

The recipe is super simple (I feel like I say this a lot but this time I mean it):
-Watermelon (buy it whole or buy it already sliced.  If you are buying whole, always look for that yellow splotch on the watermelon, then you know it's a good ripe one).

-Cayenne Pepper


-Lime Juice (one lime should be fine)


Cut your watermelon.  Sprinkle to taste the above ingredients. Put it in a container.  Pack your cooler and by the time you get to the beach VOILA!  The best snack ever!

Trust me or don't.  But do.

With love,