Hey there, 

My name is Traci but my brother for some reason calls me Grace. The nickname stuck.  I'm currently an Audience Switcher (Tv Sitcoms) - Writer - Home Cook - Lyme/POTS Warrior - Lover of Soups - former ice skating enthusiast (until I realized I wasn't good at ice skating)

I've always loved to cook— I’d host dinner parties, eat four-course meals and drink good wine, maybe even do a little karaoke.  OK, I'd just get my friends drunk and make them do the karaoke.  While enjoying these lavish dinner parties filled with truffle mac & cheese, Italian chicken cutlets (breaded twice), and bundt cake, I got sick.  I was first diagnosed with POTS, a syndrome that affects your autonomic nervous system.  With further research and persistence, I learned that this syndrome was caused by Lyme Disease.  And one of the biggest changes I’d have to make: my diet.  This consisted of...

No Dairy - No Gluten - No Sugar - No Soy - No Happiness

Shocked at all the limitations but eager to feel better, I started this diet.  And I felt starved.  My mom had to fly out to California and do some recipe soul-searching.  While I lie on my couch, tired, as thin as 90s Heidi Klum, my mom cooked and discovered things like chick pea flour, nutritional yeast, lentil pasta; all things I refused to put in my body prior to my diagnosis. I mean healthy food, bleurgh.  But I was force fed and was good!

Cut to a few months into treatment, my energy was resurfacing and my knife skills called me back to the kitchen.  I started finding that I could not only cook yummy, healthy foods but I was getting good at it.  I had to prep my meals for work, as working on a TV set with craft service doesn't allow for the necessary nutrients my dysfunctional immune system needed. I looked into meal plans originally but I couldn't find one that was nut free.  That’s right, add nuts to the ever-growing list of things my body hated.  Another blog for another day.  Now, however,  my 7-year-old nephew and I have another thing in common: a tree nut allergy and a love for Paw Patrol.  Just kidding, I'm not that into Paw Patrol.  

I'm not a nutritionist or a dietician, but I have a good knowledge of food as I have to eat to live.  With that said, my goal was to come up with food that anybody could feel safe eating and know their meals come from a good place.  A healthy place.  A place of healing.  And a place where you can't believe you're eating chocolate chip cookies made with sweet potato puree! Let me help you love what you eat and find happiness in your food again!